Careers and Guidance

A full programme of Careers Education and Guidance is provided for our students. The aim is to raise students’ aspirations and their awareness of future educational and careers pathways. As well as providing a full range of careers resources, including access to a specialist careers consultant, the Academy liaises with the Careers Service to ensure that students make the very best decisions about their future.

Work placements across a wide variety of vocational and professional areas are available to students in Year 10 and Post 16 to help broaden their understanding of the requirements and opportunities available in the world of work.

Do you want a careers appointment?

To discuss future pathway options and find out more about University, work or apprenticeships – please see Mr McCann in the Careers Office (based in the LRC). She can be contacted by email at [email protected]

Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3 students’ begin to develop the ‘soft skills’ employers look for, the personal attributes which indicate to an employer that they are an all-round applicant, able to deal with a  multitude of professional situations.

At the North Liverpool Academy we focus these skills through the NLA Gems. These are embedded throughout Key Stage 3 lessons and the iLead Programme.

These are:



Team Work

Problem Solving

Risk Taking



I AM – KS3 (Reward badges)

I use my imagination

I can work with others

I can recognise a problem

I try new things…

I do not give up easily…

I think about what I do

In Years 7 and 8 our students’ begin to think about the types of careers they would be interested in doing, enabling them to make the right choices for them when making Key Stage 4 options.

Perhaps you child is unsure what these may be? Have a look at the resources on this page to help you decide (call hyperlink – Dream Jobs)

Want to find out more about the pathways available for Key Stage 4 at the North Liverpool Academy? You can view them all here.

Key Stage 4

In the United Kingdom qualifications are grouped into levels. Qualifications at the same level are a similar level of difficulty, but the size and content of the qualifications vary. The levels are used in education and work to compare different qualifications – they also show how one qualification can lead to another.

Examples are:

Level 1

GCSE (grades D-G), NVQ Level 1, BTEC award, certificate and diploma level 1

Level 2

GCSE (Grades A*-C), NVQ Level 2, BTEC award, certificate and diploma level 2

Level 3

AS and A Level, NVQ Level 3, BTEC award, certificate and diploma level 3

During Key Stage 4 students largely study Level 2 qualifications, but as you can see many of these lead into comparable programmes of study for Level 3 during Sixth Form.

Many students are confident that they wish to pursue their Sixth Form education with us. However there are a number of other Level 3 education providers who may be better suited to your child’s needs and career desires. These include:

The Studio –

Life Sciences UTC –

Hugh Baird College –

City of Liverpool College –

Knowsley Community College –