Principal's Blog



A normal day at North Liverpool Academy for me starts with me getting ready at home – I have breakfast then come to school. I meet up with my friends (some that I already knew and some that I have met since starting at North Liverpool Academy). We go to form at 8:30am and then first lesson at 9. Each class is 50 minutes long and we get a 15 minute break and a 35 minute lunch in between. The lessons and break times are a good time to make new friends as sometimes we are put into groups in lesson and at break you can play and chat with new people.

When I came to North Liverpool Academy I was worried that I might lose my friends from primary but I didn’t and I also made new ones at the school. After school finishes I go to a Judo enrichment for 2 hours! It is lots of fun and I learn new skills with my friends.

My favourite subjects in Year 7 are Performing Arts, P.E and Food Technology. I couldn’t choose just one as each one is really fun to learn and keeps me active and healthy at the same time.