All pupils at North Liverpool Academy are required to wear the correct uniform.

The Academy is a non-religious organisation and welcomes students from any background. Because of this we require that all students follow the strict dress code.

All uniform is available to purchase from Lisa’s School Wear Specialist, 72 Priory Road, Liverpool, L4 2RZ.

The correct uniform is as follows:

Blazer – Grey, badged

Pullover – Grey with gold rim (optional)

School Skirt – Black with four pleats (2 in front/2 in back). No pinafores allowed.

School Trousers – Black

School Shirt – White, long or short sleeve

School Blouse – White long or short sleeve

School Coat – Coats should be practical, dark in colour, preferably waterproof and easily carried or packed away in school bags. No hooded sweatshirts or jumpers are allowed.

School Shoes – Black, traditional style. Please note that trainers are not to be worn, except for P.E. Inappropriate footwear will be replaced during the day. Black laces if lace-ups. No logos/colour flashes, therefore brands such as Vans, Converse and such like are also not permitted. If you are unsure on the suitability of a shoe please feel free to contact school before purchasing.

Black socks or tights (minimum 40 denier)

School Tie (check year group colour) – may be purchased at Lisa’s School Wear Specialist at £4.

School Bag – Students are required to bring a bag that is suitable for school. All new students will receive their first school bag free of charge, a replacement may be purchased for £2. If, however, students choose to purchase their own bag, it must be dark in colour, conservative in style and of size that is suitable to carry A4 exercise books and a P.E. kit. Back packs and shoulder bags are recommended whilst handbags and designer brands are not allowed.

The following is required for P.E.:

Black Polo Top

Black Shorts

Black Football Socks

Black Hooded Top (Sports Studies) purchased from school only

Black Tracksuit Bottoms (optional)

We advise that all school garments are marked clearly with your child’s name.

The uniform code should be strictly adhered to. Appropriate sanctions will be put in place for those students who are not wearing the correct uniform.

Hairstyles should not be extreme. Inappropriate hairstyles, including shaved hair or bright, non-natural hair colours are not acceptable at the North Liverpool Academy. If you are in doubt about the appropriateness of an extensive hairstyle, please discuss it with the Head of Year first. Students with inappropriate hair will be excluded from school until it is remedied.

No badges may be work except the Academy honours badges or those from recognised bodies marking achievement.

Jewellery may not be worn apart from a wristwatch, this includes earring and studs. It will be not be acceptable to cover earrings with plasters. No piercings of any other kind will be allowed.

Make-up is not to be worn in the Academy.