Year 7 Team

We have a brilliant Year 7 team, all of whom work tirelessly to ensure you settle straight into life at North Liverpool Academy.

We’ve profiled the team below, so you can get an understanding of who your new teachers will be when you join!

Miss Robinson – Year Manager

Miss Robinson is part of the Academy’s inclusion team and looks after your child’s pastoral needs. She has enjoyed being part of the Academy for four years. What many people don’t know is that she is also a trained English teacher. Her main hobbies are reading and taking her children on outdoor adventures. She looks forward to accompanying the new Year 7 students on many exciting trips.

Miss Ambrose – Form Tutor

Miss Ambrose is a history teacher at North Liverpool Academy and will be a Year 7 form tutor. She is very much looking forward to meeting her new students and helping them to settle into their new school. Her favourite Queen in History is Elizabeth I and if she could teach any other subject, it would be PE as she loves watching football and playing netball.

Miss Barnes – Form Tutor

Miss Barnes has worked in North Liverpool Academy since October and having made the transition from working in a primary school to a secondary school, she knows exactly how our new Year 7s will be feeling. She will be found mostly in the English corridor as she teaches English and especially enjoys working with Key Stage 3. She wants to reassure her new form students that at NLA they will always have somebody to talk to and if they ever need any help or guidance, everybody is really helpful and always ready to help.

Mrs Binks – Form Tutor

Mrs Binks is a science teacher at North Liverpool Academy and has been for two years. She likes baking cakes and making things with lots of sparkles and glitter. She has been a Year 13 form tutor and is looking forward to helping you on your journey to becoming a successful and ambitious young adult.

Mrs Smith – Form Tutor

Mrs Smith is an ICT and computer science teacher and has been working at North Liverpool Academy for four years now. When she is not in school, she loves watching football or going to the game– she’ll let her new students guess which team she supports! She is very much looking forward to being a Year 7 form tutor and is already excited to meet her new class – which is definitely going to be the best Year 7 form next year!

Mrs Dempsey – Form Tutor

Mrs Dempsey is currently the curriculum leader for MFL. She teaches Spanish and French and has worked at North Liverpool Academy for five years. She has lived abroad for many years and enjoys travelling and meeting new people. She is really looking forward to meeting all of the Year 7 pupils, especially her new Year 7 form.

Mrs Moore – Form Tutor

Mrs Moore is an English teacher at North Liverpool Academy. She has worked at the school for seven years. She is really looking forward to being a Year 7 form tutor. Her favourite author is Suzanne Collins. She also runs our debate club. If she could teach any other subject it would be cookery as she loves food.

Miss McGuinness – Form Tutor

Miss McGuinness is an English teacher at North Liverpool Academy. She has recently returned from having a baby and is very excited about her new adventures with her lovely Year 7 form group. She enjoys reading and drama.

Mrs Newell – Form Tutor

Mrs Newell is a computer science teacher and has worked at North Liverpool Academy for two years. She loves being a form tutor and will make sure that all her new Year 7 students will feel safe and settle in quickly.

Miss O’Neill – Form Tutor

Miss O’Neill is an English teacher at North Liverpool Academy and has been for three years. This will be her second time as a Year 7 form tutor. Last year, she took a break from teaching to travel the world and is really excited to meet her new Year 7 form class and tell them all about her adventures.

Miss Wright – Form Tutor 

Miss Wright is a technology teacher at North Liverpool Academy and has been here for three years. She is really looking forward to being a Year 7 form tutor and cannot wait to meet her new form. Her motto in life is ‘firm but fair’. Her favourite technology subject is textiles and food technology and loves to bake cakes in her spare time. She looks forward to seeing all her new students very soon!