Year 7 Team

We have a brilliant Year 7 team, all of whom work tirelessly to ensure you settle straight into life at North Liverpool Academy.

We’ve profiled the team below, so you can get an understanding of who your new teachers will be when you join!

Mrs Lane – Vice Principal

Hi, my name is Mrs Lane and I am part of the leadership team at North Liverpool Academy. I will be working with the Year 7 team to look after you all this year. I only started here last July so know exactly how it feels to come to a huge new school. Don’t worry, everyone is really helpful and friendly and soon made me feel at home. I am also an English teacher and love reading so if you ever want to chat about books or how you are getting on, you will probably find me in the English area or in the library. I look forward to meeting you all soon and to being part of the best year group in the school.

Caroline Lane Vice-Principal
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Mrs Johnston – Progress Leader

My name is Mrs Johnston and I have worked at North Liverpool Academy for the last seven years. My hobbies include reading, going to the gym and spoiling my two little girls.  I have been Head of Languages for the last four years however I am looking forward to my new role as Progress Leader for Year 7.  My role as a Year 7 Progress Leader means that I am responsible for monitoring your academic progress and well-being. I am committed to ensuring that every student has the opportunity and encouragement to achieve their full potential and to enjoy their time at North Liverpool Academy. I am very excited to meet you all and working with you in flourishing to be your best.

Mr Metcalf – More Able and Talented Coordinator

My name is Mr Metcalf and I am a PE teacher at North Liverpool Academy. If I wasn’t a PE teacher I would teach science because I love to experiment. I once tried to make my shed take off by tying thirty-three balloons on to the roof. I love all sports, in particular football, basketball and futsal and run school teams for all of them including athletics. I also run a really exciting project with Sky Sports which I can’t wait to tell you all about. I am really looking forward to meeting my new form and winning all of the inter-form competitions and having a dance off in our first Christmas party to celebrate! How about a joke to finish? Why did the golfer have an extra pair of pants? In case he got a hole in one! See you all in September! Mr Metcalf

Steven Metcalfe
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Mrs O’Keefe – Form Tutor

My name is Mrs O’Keefe and I have worked at the Academy for nine years. I teach English and my absolute favourite thing to do is read. I also love sport and am therefore already plotting to thrash all the other Year 7 forms at North Liverpool Academy Sports Day next year! The best thing about North Liverpool Academy is that even though it’s a really big school, all of the staff and students are really friendly, so you’ll settle in very quickly. I’m really looking forward to meeting you all in September and hatching a plan to win every inter-form competition. Have a fantastic summer!

Mr Mc Mahon – Form Tutor

My name is Ryan Mc Mahon and I love being a mathematics teacher at North Liverpool Academy. I have a great interest in sport most notably Gaelic football, rugby and hurling. I also enjoy swimming, soccer and playing the banjo. As you may have guessed, I also like solving mathematical problems but would happily be a PE teacher. I am really looking forward to meeting our new year 7s in the forthcoming weeks and to being part of an exciting and enjoyable first year here at North Liverpool Academy.

Phil Forest

Mr Forrest – Form Tutor

Hi my name is Mr Forrest, I’m a PE teacher and I’ve worked at North Liverpool Academy for over 5 years and I absolutely love my job. My favourite sports are football, fitness, martial arts and boxing, all of which I do in my spare time. If I could teach any other subject apart from PE, it would be Music as I play guitar, drums and piano. I hope you’re excited to start your new experience at North Liverpool Academy in September and I’m looking forward to meeting you. Enjoy your summer. Mr Forrest

Mrs King – Form Tutor

Hi, my name is  Mrs King and when I am not planning exciting science lessons and marking books, I spend my time with my family and friends. This usually means that we are off on a camping adventure! I am really looking forward to going on a camping adventure with our year 9s in July, when they complete their silver Duke of Edinburgh award. I hope I get to  see lots of you taking part when you are in year 9! I have been teaching for 7 years now and joined North Liverpool Academy last June. I have taught in both primary and secondary schools but I have to say, North Liverpool Academy is my favourite!

laura King
Rob Gunning

Mr Gunning – Form Tutor

My name is Mr Gunning and I have worked at North Liverpool Academy for three years. You may recognise me from the Easter and Summer camps because I teach one of the fun subjects, food science. I am really looking forward to meeting the lucky ones who get to be in my form on the induction days in July. You will be given some summer food science activities to work on over the long summer holiday, so get ready to cook.

Mr Spencer – Form Tutor

Hi, my name is Mr Spencer, I’m a PE teacher at North Liverpool Academy and have worked here for ten years. My favourite sports are cricket, football and golf, all of which I play in my own time and love going to watch them live. If there was any other subject I could teach it would be history as I enjoyed that subject when I was at school. I’m looking forward to meeting you all and I hope that you’re excited about starting North Liverpool Academy in September. Mr Spencer

Chris Spencer
Peter James

Mr James – Form Tutor

Hello, let me introduce myself to you! My name is Mr James and I teach science at North Liverpool Academy. During the first few weeks, it’s my job as your new Form Tutor to make you feel safe and at home at your new School. The first thing you’ll notice about me, is that I am often compared to a famous movie star, although I don’t see any resemblance at all!I have been teaching at the Academy since October and like you, remember having a few butterflies on my first day teaching here. Over the past few months, I have quickly made new friends and settled in really well. Before, I came to the Academy, I taught in Lancashire for over twelve years and have lots of experience working with young people. In my spare time, I enjoy rock climbing, although it is something I need to work hard in to do well. I’m really looking forward to getting to  welcoming you properly when you start here in September.

Miss Barnes – Form Tutor

My name is Miss Barnes and I have been an English teacher at North Liverpool Academy for 7 years. I love teaching Key stage 3 and my favourite thing to teach is poetry. North Liverpool Academy is such a friendly school and there is always somebody to talk to if you ever have a problem or fancy a friendly chat. I’m looking forward to meeting you all in September, have a fantastic summer!

Sarah Barnes
Miss Lydiate

Miss Lydiate –  Form Tutor

Miss Lydiate will be joining North Liverpool Academy this September, just like your children. She will be in the same position as starting a new school and is very excited to start a new journey with Year 7. Miss Lydiate is a Science teacher who loves experiments and making the lessons exciting for the students.

Mr Wright – Form Tutor 

My name is Mr Wright and I have just become a Year 7 tutor which is great.  I also teach science here at North Liverpool Academy which I love but in my spare time I enjoy fishing, golf and football – I have played football at a competitive level across the region that included spells at Nantwich Town , Newcastle Town and Winsford United.  I finished playing football for Upton AA in the West Cheshire as I took up the role of player manager for 5 years. I also had very successful spell working with the management team of The Cheshire County Youth. I have always been involved in football and have worked over the pond for Chicago Fire and Columbus Crew as the Soccer development officer. Now I spend most of my time with my family and I try to squeeze the odd round of golf in once a week, with my current handicap of 16.  Throughout the summer I love nothing more than chilling out on the bank of a river or a lake with the kids fishing.

Naturally, I am competitive so already , I think my form are the best in the school and am really enjoying being part of the Year 7 team.

David Wright 24 jan 2017 for caroline lane IMG_7268