What will I study?

Unit 1: Practical Music Theory and Harmony (Mandatory Unit)

This unit will give you a working knowledge of musical theory and harmony, and the fundamental skills essential for progression to higher education courses, including degrees in music and music for media. It will also prepare you for a variety of careers in the music and media industries.

Unit 2: Professional Practice in the Music Industry (Mandatory Unit)

You will explore what it is that makes someone a professional in the music industry and how to put forward a proposal for work. Taking a professional approach to working in the industry is as essential as having a good product to market. This unit outlines the qualities that industry professionals expect of people working with them in order to progress, whether to employment or higher education.

Unit 3: Ensemble Music Performance (Mandatory Unit)

You will work as part of a musical ensemble and develop your skills and techniques in rehearsal and performance. This unit will help learners to progress to higher education where there are often situations when ensemble skills are required. This unit can also help learners to progress to employment opportunities in music. This Unit will finish with a public performance.

Unit 4: Composing Music (Optional Unit)

You will explore composing music from the initial stages to the final product, developing skills for composition in a variety of styles. This unit gives you a good foundation in composition techniques, giving you the skills you need to be able to study in higher education or to seek employment as a freelance composer in a competitive industry.

Unit 5: Solo Performance (Optional Unit)

You will explore the preparation and performance of music as a soloist before performing in front of an audience. The skills you will develop include: how to engage your audience, stagecraft, as well as musical practice and rehearsal required. The skills and knowledge you gain from this unit are invaluable for the music industry and will prepare you well for progression to further musical study. This Unit will finish with a public performance.

Students will undertake ONE optional Unit