University and Careers

Most of our Sixth Form students will go on to higher education, but we know that not all our students want to pursue further education. That’s why here at NLA, we help students explore their options with both apprenticeships and future careers as well.

If you are considering taking the further education route, NLA carries a full range of university prospectuses which are available in the LRC. Alternatively, all information is also readily available through university websites and the UCAS website.

Students in Year 12 and 13 receive a variety of different information covering university, apprenticeships and going into the world of work. During the summer term of Year 12, careful thought needs to be given, and preliminary research carried out, into possible courses and university entrance requirements. Our careers advisers are always on hand to help you make decisions about university or employment.

Some universities will require you to sit entrance papers specific to the course in addition to undertaking A levels. Subject leaders will be asked to provide references for students at the beginning of the autumn term in Year 13 for applications.

These references should cover the following points: 

  • Progress 
  • Current standard of work compared to A level/BTEC standard 
  • Potential for improvement 
  • Effort 
  • Suitability for degree work
  • Predicted A level/BTEC grade

These comments should be supplied on the reference sheet provided to you. References are drawn together, and a Sixth Form reference is written by the tutor and authorised by the Assistant Principal of Sixth Form and / or Sixth Form Manager. The entire process is completed online using the UCAS website. We will assist you in this process.