About us and ethos

North Liverpool Academy (NLA) sits at the heart of our local community. We’re a true community school, committed to working with local businesses and residents and celebrating our diverse nature. We’re nationally-renowned for many of the qualities that we champion at the Academy, including student leadership and inclusion.

We pride ourselves on being a happy school, driven by our core values. Every student is developed as a confident learner and our inclusive curriculum has been structured through strong partnerships locally, nationally and internationally. 

The Academy provides a first class education. We equip students for 21st century learning – regardless of their background or ability, challenging talented students as well as providing enhanced teaching for those with special educational and complex learning needs. 

All of our students belong to one of our five houses: La Plante, McGough, Patten, Redmond and Russell, promoting healthy competition between the houses on a series of challenges throughout the year. We also use GEMs as the cornerstone of our school culture, because research tells us that these are the key attributes of successful entrepreneurs, and most-valued skills in the workplace. Students are encouraged to earn a GEM award at each Key Stage transition, gaining Gems in reflection, creativity, teamwork, risk taking, problem solving and determination.

Our purpose-built facilities are cutting-edge and modern, creating a safe and stimulating learning environment. They are tailored to each curriculum area, offering state-of-the-art, professional opportunities to all of our students.