Further Maths allows the most talented Mathematicians to study varied and increasingly complex areas of Mathematics in greater depth. Further Maths is the most sought-after A-level for those looking to study Maths, Physics, Economics, Computing or Engineering at university.

The course is assessed over four exams, two core exams where you’ll encounter complex numbers, matrices and differential equations alongside two option modules chosen from Further Mechanics, Further Pure, Further Statistics or Decision Maths.

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What will I learn?

A-level Further Mathematics is designed for those who talented in Mathematics and enjoy it. A Level Further Mathematics builds on some of the concepts met in A Level Maths and is able to extend these in to other areas such as Complex Numbers, Differential Equations and Matrices.

How is it assessed?

A Level Further Mathematics will be assessed by exams at the end of the second year of study. These exams will assess on Core, Pure mathematics (two exam papers) and two optional modules both of which will be assessed by exam (one paper each).

Next steps

Further Mathematics is designed for students with an enthusiasm for Mathematics, many of whom will go on to degrees in Mathematics, Engineering, the Sciences and Economics​.

Further Maths is the premium A-level and provides a sound basis for those wishing to read for degrees in: Physics, Engineering, Actuarial Science, Economics and Maths, and is a requirement at some of the more prestigious Universities. having an A-level in Further Mathematics distinguishes you as being academically proficient, a problem solver and a logical thinker.