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My name is Alex, I am eleven years old. In the blog team I will be focusing on all the latest news and interviews here at the North Liverpool Academy while also keeping a close eye on the goings on in the drama department. In school I enjoy drama / performing arts and music away from the arts I enjoy science and biology. I am very experienced in speaking and in top-set English. I have a keen eye for detail and I think this would be a great help in the things I want to do in the team. I like using microphones (hence the love for Music). I’d like to interview all different people especially teachers and students to do with important events within the school area. In the future i’d like to be a forensic scientist. Thank you for reading my first introductory blog.

Scooter and BMX Club

On Wednesday I went to scooter club to get more of an insight for all our readers. In the club you can ride a scooter or a BMX bike and it’s open to both boys and girls.

All safety gear is provided within the club so you don’t have to worry about falling and hurting yourself.

This club is only open for Year 7 and will be running up until Christmas. I spoke with the organiser of the club Mr Metcalf about setting it up this is what he had to say:

“The club is part of the legacy of our Sky Sports Living for Sport Project… the club has been established to improve the lives of young people by using alternative sports created by world class athletes.”

We also spoke to one of the students participating and he told me that he likes to ride bikes and he enjoys the club because he doesn’t have access to one at home. The club will hopefully make more females want to make a career out of the sport.  This is because not many females usually take part in BMXing, scooters or skating, whereas the amount of males doing the sports is growing every day. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog and hope to see you at next week’s Scooter and BMX Club.