Principal's Blog



My name is Amber and I have just started as a Year 7 student at the beginning of September.

I started here nearly 4 weeks ago but it feels like I have been here forever. When I first started here I got lost as this building is much bigger than the one in my old school at Anfield Primary. However all the teachers at North Liverpool Academy were so helpful and friendly and would help my friends and I whenever we needed directions on where to go.

I was really nervous at the beginning in case I would find it hard to make friends, even though my brother James goes here, but I didn’t need to worry. I attended the Harmony camp over the summer and I met so many new friends from a variety of different schools and they were all really nervous at the start too. Now I feel like I have known some of them my whole life! I think this school is very welcoming and I am pretty sure the students are proud to say they go here too.

My favourite lessons are science and performing arts. I love science because we get to do really cool and exciting experiments. I also love performing arts because of the huge drama theatre and also the facilities are amazing.

In the future I would like to study science for my A-levels then carry on to university. I would eventually like to become a vet and this school makes me feel very confident about the opportunities I have available to me in the future.

I love it here at North Liverpool academy and I’m sure you will too.