Art, craft and design/fine art course at The Studio

Did you know? Our fine art course has evolved. There are now two pathways for art, to ensure the course is more inclusive of a broader range of opportunities.

In a course focused on developing independent thinking as a creative, students will explore the wider realm of artistic practices through the 2 pathways provided by this course: either a fine-art focus that gives students experience in a range of art media and techniques; or through an art and design path that allows students to choose projects from 2 or more creative fields, including: fine art, graphic communication, 3-D, animation, photography, film-making, digital art, performance, fashion, and illustration.

Despite a wide range of practices and projects available, students will develop an understanding of conventions of visual representation through studying the work of both historical and contemporary creators and through analytical approaches to their work. Students will design their own projects through their personal investigations, creating portfolios based on a theme of their choice.

Skills will be enhanced through workshops, networking opportunities in the Baltic triangle, visits to cultural institutions, professional opportunities such as creating public exhibitions, and through individual tutorials. Students will have access to their own working space and be expected to treat this as an artist’s studio.
Year 12 art students are currently working on an exhibition at the Baltic Triangle’s Constellations. The process involves setting up for a screen printing workshop through local print studio Paper Moon. Keep your eyes peeled on the website for news of upcoming workshops and 3-D and puppet making progress! Students also have the opportunity to undergo meetings with professional contacts during term and throughout their time at The Studio in order to build up their experience working with curators and enhance their networking skills.


So, what topics will students cover while studying fine art at The Studio?

  Topic examples Assessed by worth
Component 1 Foundation-style workshops and discovering your style (oil painting, plein air drawing, printing, figurative, 3-D, and more) Coursework portfolio preparation and skills development (compulsory)
Component 2 Mini-projects (mock exams)- 8 week portfolio based on a theme you choose Externally-set assignment and mock exam awareness of how to structure portfolio for assessment (compulsory)
Component 3 Your personal investigation based on a theme of your choice- extended portfolio using media from at least 2 art/craft/design fields Personal investigation portfolio and essay 60%
Component 4 A list of starting points from the examination board Externally set assignment and exam 40%


Why The Studio?

We are the most creative Sixth form with the best grades for Art & Graphics at A Level Art. To find out more, visit or for any enquiries relating to the Art course email [email protected]