This course is designed for students interested in vocational training in the arts and performance. The Performing Arts BTEC is a step closer to a career in the television, theatre, film and dance industry, developing the skills and experience you’ll need as a professional in the creative sector and beyond. The course includes practical workshops and skills development alongside learning about the production process and analysing professional performances.

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What will I learn?

The course is led by the HOD Alisha Senior and Kelsey Donlevy, both staff are driven to provide excellent standards at all key stages, providing students with industry experience and relevant Performance exploration wherever possible. The course tasks and criteria are set within experience-based learning projects, which will not only develop student’s academia, but improve their social and emotional education and prepare them for life in an ever evolving industry.

The course explores existing practitioners, analysing and reflecting upon established repertoire, however, there are also several opportunities for students to create their own performance work, devising in a given style, often from stimulus, in working this way, students gain an outstanding level of focus and discipline, and a love for the Arts.

How is it assessed?

This BTEC qualification combines internal teacher assessment with external exam board assessment to award student grades over a series of units of work. In the first unit, learners explore technical performance skills

with a focus on developing skills and techniques in at least two performance styles. In subsequent units Performing Arts students will work on group tasks and engage with critical theory of performers and performance which will be assessed through practical work and written assessment.

Next steps

Many of our students progress to study at conservatoires and drama schools. Others study Performing Arts related degree courses or degrees combining Performing Arts with another subject, while we expect that many will use this course as a direct step into a career in theatre, film, television or other related creative industries employment both in the vibrant industry in Liverpool and further afield on the national stage.