The Travel and Tourism BTEC provides a highly specialist work-related qualification in the travel and tourism sector. You will study real world case studies and develop the skills and knowledge needed to run events, organise holidays and progress to work in the dynamic world of travel and tourism businesses. This BTEC provides a lot of transferable skills recognised by a range of employers such as leadership, communication, teamwork and problem-solving.

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What will I learn?

The courses are modular and consist of a number of different units some of these are mandatory and have to be covered. They will provide you with the basic knowledge and skills that you need within the travel and tourism industry. Some are externally assessed and others are assessed internally.

How is it assessed?

The course is an enjoyable course assessed through course work as well as other mediums such as role plays, group work and presentations. There will be examinations and externally assessed unit. Students are then graded Pass, Merit or Distinction. Assessment is continuous throughout the course. Each term students will be provided with an outline of all of the topics being studied, what form the assessment will take and clear deadlines for each. After school support is available for those students who require help to complete assignments.

Next steps

Our aim is to provide students with a solid vocational understanding of the travel and tourism industry, as well as preparing them for a wide range of travel and tourism careers including airline cabin crew, tour operations manager and tourist information services. The course will give you a good foundation for further study as well and could lead to a number of university courses such as Tourism and Hospitality Management, Events Management, International Tourism Management and Hotel Management and Marketing. Some of these courses are offered locally.