Careers Seminar from U-Explore CEO

Last week our Year 10 and 12 students attended an inspiring seminar from the CEO of U-Explore and ex 80′s pop star, Andy Pickles.

U-Explore is a careers portal that encourages young people to tailor their job opportunities and manage their own digital footprints. The portal allows each student to create their own personal profile, selecting potential career options and any plans to progress to further education, an apprenticeship or employment.

Andy spoke about his own personal journey, from being a member of 80′s band Jive Bunny to becoming a successful digital entrepreneur. He emphasised the importance of managing your own personal online brand, asking the question ‘What will Google say about you?’.

U-Explore is being used at The Studio as a tracking tool for individual student experiences and plans for the future. The portal allows students to enter details of relevant activities they have participated in, from industry seminars in school to extra curricular projects and interests.

Giving our students the opportunity to curate their own portfolio and focus on their unique qualities and skills is a great way to keep up with the needs of all our students.

Andy wrapped up his seminar with some wise words for our students;

“I am a big believer in taking inspiration from other people’s stories, getting out there and having conversations. There are phenomenal opportunities ahead for students at The Studio, and U-Explore will allow you to reflect on these experiences.”