Learning Support

In addition to their chosen subjects, all learners at North Liverpool Academy undertake a seven-week study programme, know as Free Plus. The purpose of the programme is to help learners to make the challenging transition to studying at advanced level and to aid them in their independent development of skills and research.

Our Free Plus programme is designed to match the changing profile of the academic year, so that students start off developing broad skills that will be useful as they progress. By the end of the year, skills developed on the programme should ensure students produce effective learning, revision and development.

Additional support is also offered by specialist sixth form learning support assistants. Students can refer themselves to the sixth form team at North Liverpool Academy, or their teachers can refer them for additional support outside of the classroom. Throughout both Year 12 and 13 students will have significant opportunities to develop their academic and personal skill sets.

The Free Plus programme covers the key skills of effective research methods, organisation, time management, effective revision strategies, exam preparation, using feedback to develop leaning, extended writing and literacy.

Students with special educational needs and/or disabilities

The academy welcomes applications from Students with disabilities who will be subject only to the admissions criteria. External and internal ramps alongside lifts ensure that students with disabilities have access to a wide range of educational opportunities offered by the academy. The academy’s accessibility plan meets the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.

The Governing Body’s policy on special educational needs (SEN) ensures that students with SEN are admitted on an equal basis with others in accordance with the admissions policy, except where admitting the student would be incompatible with the provision of efficient education for other children; and where no reasonable steps may be made to secure compatibility. In deciding whether a student’s inclusion would be incompatible with the efficient education of others, the academy shall have regard to the relevant guidance issued by the Secretary of State to maintained schools.

The SENCo at North Liverpool Academy is Mrs E Garrahan – [email protected]

English as an additional Language (EAL)

Hi! My name is Miss Jelfs and I am the EAL Co-ordinator here at the North Liverpool Academy. EAL stands for ‘English as an Additional Language’ – this means anyone who speaks a first language other than English (some of our students even speak English as a third or fourth language as well). We’re really proud of the fact that we have such an international student group here – walk down the corridor and you could hear Polish, Arabic, Portuguese, Hungarian and many other languages being spoken!

Sometimes, it can be difficult or stressful for a new EAL student starting at a new school. Every EAL student will have an ‘Induction Day’ to welcome them to the school, introduce them to staff and meet other students who speak the same language as them. To help students with their English language, we run an immersive programme: students are surrounded by English all the time and this exposure to language really helps their learning.

The support doesn’t stop once they start classes though: students are given a duel-language dictionary to take to class, encouraged to come to homework club for extra support and many of them join extra English classes taught by myself. These classes are a great opportunity to learn English in smaller classes with more individual support. We study English grammar, practise literacy (reading/writing) skills, practise speaking English and play language games in a fun, educational environment.

If you would like more information on how we can support you or your child in learning English, then take please don’t hesitate to contact the school on 0151 920 4044 or e-mail me at [email protected].

Tips for success for ….. an English as an Additional Language student:

  • Know your own strengths and weaknesses…do you want to work on grammar, or speaking fluency or writing skills?
  • Embrace the challenge…..knowing more than one language can be a really useful skill in your personal and professional life. Sometimes, it can be challenging…but don’t give up!
  • Keep a vocabulary book full of new words….this can be divided into meaning, word type (is it a noun/verb etc?, example sentence and home language translation
  • Don’t worry about mistakes…everyone makes mistakes, it’s how we learn. It’s better to try and stumble, than keep silent.
  • Don’t rely on google translate too much….online translation can be really useful, but it works better with one or two words, not big chunks of text.
  • Work hard….like any subject, you will achieve more if you put in more effort.
  • Revise at home…there are lots of websites or mobile apps that let you practice, even when you just have a few minutes to spare.
  • Ask for help…talk to teachers if you’re having problems.
  • Extra support is available after school at homework club (room 1027) or the Access Centre (G015)
  • Challenge yourself…if you’re happy with your English level, the Sixth Form has opportunities for you to gain even more by working for the IELTS qualification. For more information, speak to Miss Jelfs in G015.
  • Get involved…join an enrichment activity or a club to meet new people and practise speaking English with more confidence.
  • Enjoy it…watching a movie with the subtitles in English can help you practise with listening and reading, or listen to a favourite song and try to understand the lyrics. Doing something that you enjoy can make it easier.

North Liverpool Academy Induction Booklet