Early Career Teachers

North Liverpool Academy is committed to fostering an environment where our staff’s professional growth and personal aspirations are at the forefront. We believe in providing ample opportunities and support for our educators to pursue their dreams, knowing that their success directly translates into the success of our students. From personalized development programs to mentorship opportunities, we strive to empower every member of our staff to reach their full potential, driving positive change and excellence in education.

Charoulla joined NLA in 2019 as a Learning Support Assistant (LSA), she is now an Early Career Teacher (ECT).

What motivated you to become a Learning Support Assistant?

“I have always wanted to become a teacher and share my passion for education and learning with others. I wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of students by being a part of their personal and academic growth and success. I hoped to one day lead a classroom myself to inspire and support students through Secondary Education and towards Further and Higher Education.”

What inspired you to further your career to become a teacher?

“As a LSA at NLA, I saw countless examples of high quality, amazing teachers foster a supportive, engaging and inclusive classroom atmosphere. I would not have gained my QTS as quickly and smoothly as I did without the support of NLA. The constant encouragement, support and guidance I have received every step of the way, and continue to receive now as an ECT, is something I am grateful for every day.”