Healthy and nutritional food is integral to all our recipes


Food and Nutrition

Healthy and nutritional food is integral to all our recipes, meals and snacks at the North Liverpool Academy – and we’re proud to be recipients of the Healthy Schools Award. We received this award because of our commitment to identifying and improving the health and wellbeing outcomes for our school community. 

We encourage all students – and staff, too – to think diversely about the food that they eat, and regularly celebrate a range of international days to celebrate food from other nations, where our staff and students get a taste of other culture’s culinary delights and traditions. 

We’re also aware that our school community has a range of dietary requirements, and we make sure to accommodate these wherever possible, so that all our students can enjoy a healthy, hearty meal with us.

Mixing up our menus each week, means that our students can enjoy a wide range of delicious, and freshly prepared meals each week. Our healthy meals menus rotate every third week – here’s a selection of weekly sample menus.

Students eligible for free school meals need to complete a speedy online application which tells you instantly if you can get school meals for free, during the school day. Click here to complete the form.