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Hello, my name is Gediminas and I came from New Park Primary School (which, to be honest isn’t a big school) and it had 400 children. My favourite subjects are in order; Science, History and Performing. First of all, I like Science because Chemistry. If you didn’t know Chemistry is the study of elements which are from the periodic table, and there are probably much more out there. This is why I picked Science for my role in the blog team!

I will tell you more about my favourite subjects. My other subject would be Geography because I like the study of the Earth, and because tornadoes and tsunamis are cool! I don’t go to any other clubs, except this one! And lastly, my favourite food are the burgers on Fridays!

Recently, I was on a trip to the university in Liverpool and we did some fun things! First of all, we were planning societies (basically clubs in university) me and Lewis and James made a gaming society! Then we walked around campus until we reached this building, which in there we did a little task managing our money if we had £205 from student loans every week, which required some maths. Skipping over lunch, we watched a science experiment with liquid nitrogen, which its temperature was a chilling -196 °! During the experiment we saw rubber from tyres and flowers getting smashed by a mallet after being dipped in the liquid. But amazingly, she put her hand in the element and her hand was a-ok! After that, we had a little Q & A session with different people’s perspectives. That was all from my trip to the university!