Principal's Blog



A normal day at North Liverpool Academy is nothing like primary. You have new teachers and classrooms for every subject. You’ll get to know them and work out which rooms to go to pretty quickly as it is the same every week.

I had plenty of things that I was worried about, trust me it’s only natural if you do too. I thought that I wouldn’t make friend and that I would get lost a million times, but eventually you get to know the building like the back of your hand.

The school lets you do after school clubs; I go to dance every week and I enjoy it very much. It helps me unwind and express my feelings in a good way. It’s hard to pick a favourite subject I enjoy so many. English, maths, science, art and performing are some of my favourite lessons – they are all so different and challenge me in different ways.

I haven’t experienced going on a school trip yet at North Liverpool Academy but I hear they are so much fun. I was supposed to go on a trip to Paris but it had to be cancelled. Hopefully you will get the opportunity to go in Year 7 and I hope that I am able to go in Year 8 too.

Finally, I would say that you should enjoy your first year at North Liverpool Academy and not to worry because everyone is nervous on their first day of school. Everyone is going through the same thing so don’t feel like you’re the only one and talk to people as they will be happy that you have.