Principal's Blog



When I started at North Liverpool Academy I was a little uncomfortable, I didn’t know anyone and was a little worried that I didn’t have anyone to talk to. I made friends on the very first day and even more as the days went by. There are so many more students here than in primary school so you can make even more friends. Some children can go on a trip before starting school to meet new friends and the teachers but I wasn’t able to go. My friends told me it was lots of fun.

The school is such a big place that I was scared that I would be late for all my lessons as I didn’t know where to go and kept getting lost. The teachers here are really helpful and whenever I got lost they helped me to find the room I was looking for. You do get the hang of where everything is eventually but if you don’t get it sorted right away, just ask someone and they will help.

There are clubs that you can go to after school depending on what you like to do. You can play football, go on the trampoline and they even have a climbing wall.

My favourite subject at North Liverpool Academy is technology, it is a chance to learn lots of new skills and make things that I didn’t know I could. It’s really fun which makes the lessons go exceptionally fast.

If I was to give one piece of advice to the new Year 7s I would tell you not to be scared of asking for help. All the teachers are happy to help and so are the students.