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Hi, my name is Jamie and I, like you, am from Liverpool. My ambition is to become a forensic scientist, freeing the world from crime one autopsy at a time. My old primary school was St Francis de Sales. My favourite food is crepes and my favourite drink is cola. One day I dream of being a world famous forensic scientist dealing with notorious killers (in other words L from death note).

Lunchtime Drumming club

At lunchtime the opportunity to learn to play (in my opinion) the best instrument of all, the drums is given to you however not many people know of this. Drumming could become a great hobby for you and if you really enjoy it, you could sign up for regular lessons every Friday.

At lunchtime you play the exciting, exhilarating type of music that is Brazilian. Get your samba on!

Why play the drums I hear you ask, well as some of you may know, I Jamie am a drummer and have been drumming for a while. The moment I hit a snare drum with a stick, I was stuck for life, I’d try to infuse drums to everything I done it became a part of me and to this day I love them. You too could make drumming a passion of yours as the opportunity is nigh.

Overall I love percussion and you will too.