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Hi, my name is Lewisand I am twelve years old. I joined North Liverpool Academy in September 2016 hoping to make lots of new friends and I’m happy to say I have! Monksdown Primary School (my primary school) was much, much smaller than North Liverpool Academy so I was worried the size change would be too overwhelming, but after coming here and getting settled down it was fine.

Science is one of my most-liked subjects because it has many different, interesting elements and reactions, plus you get to blow things up! However, nothing will beat my number one subject, maths! In primary (and now) maths was always my favourite as I was fascinated by the unusual numbers and the endless amount of them. That is also why I have decided to choose maths as my role in this blog team.

Maths puzzle:

Do you think you are good at maths? Every week I will give you  a challenge in the form of a riddle question. Below  is this week’s question:


Send your answers over to me via email:

[email protected]

If you’re struggling with maths there are lots of great sites that can help you:

BBC Bitesize – Maths 11-16
BBC Bitesize – KS3 Maths

Make sure you check back on this next week and you can see tricks to remembering those tricky times tables also great riddle!