Why is it important for our students to visit the library?

Being part of a library community provides our students with a sense of familiarity, giving them a sense of being truly united as a family through the love of reading. It provides this sense of being as a guild of students where you get to meet like-minded people for those who share the same interest in books, novels or whatever medium you prefer. But, a common question that comes up a lot is: ‘Why is this library good for you?’

Our library runs the range from pure imagination to facts and figures beyond brains.

It’s a place where books breed golden and any authentic taste in books truly lingers within the essence of the library. Whether you’re a football fanatic or a book lover, I’m pretty sure there’s something here for everyone.

We know that some families might not be as fortunate as others so we believe that the library should be a place dedicated to the students, regardless of their background, identity, ethnicity etc. The room is merely expanding with the pure intent with these books and with such an adventure awaits the reader. It will put the reader in an enticing, gripping and thrilling way that doesn’t compare to other libraries in contrast. In all honesty, the main reason for a library is to allow the students to simply read and thrive, there is no other side to it.

So why not pick up a book and be transverse to otherworldly adventures and scenes that reality can only ever wish to replicate? The choice is yours.

Key dates

Reopening- Monday 31st October

Remembrance event and theme- Friday 11th November

What is happening in the Library this week?

January 2023

History have combined library lessons with their House competition. Year 7 and 8 have been tasked with selecting a research topic of any historical period, researching it in the library to then complete a 500 word essay at home.

January 2023

Year 7 computing students have been conducting a ‘library lesson’ to investigate Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning, by way of online research, media reviews to establish where we see or hear elements of fictional and non-fictional AI & ML in society, and discussion talks with school staff and Sixth form Quantum Pathway students.  This is leading into NLA conducting a trial of national KS3 computing resources on behalf of the Raspberry Pi Foundation and the NCCE (National Centre for Computing Education), on Artificial Intelligence.  As part of the three lesson trial, students have been investigating the emergence of ‘AI Art’, and have been creating ‘two word’ pieces of artwork, generated by online AI algorithms.

October 2022

Hello, we are the Year 9 Scholars, introducing the library to our students. Our names are: Deepiga, Alice and Anelis. We hope to make the library fun to use as well as being very functional to help our students during revision times and support homework. Our library contains books from the Majestic Harry Potter series to factual books and Manga.

For more information about our library, what is happening in it and how you can get a library card, speak to our fantastic new librarian, Mrs. Rutherford.