Students are encouraged to enjoy reading across all curriculum subjects and this should form part of their weekly home learning where appropriate. To ensure that our young people gain a full understanding of everything that they are being asked to read, it is vital that we do all we can to improve their literacy skills. The links below, and documents featured, have been designed to assist students in addressing any skills that will help with improving their literacy. For more information on reading, writing and oracy, please
contact Ms Evans at [email protected] or by calling 0151 260 4044.

Writing an informal letter basic

Apostrophe Capital letters Colon and semi-colon
Beginning sentences Consonants Tenses
Syllables Prefixes There Their They’re
Homophones To Two Too Using Speech Marks
Commonly miss-spelt words Power of punctuation Varying sentences
Our & Are Pluralising Connectives
Dyslexic authors writing tips for dyslexic kids Creating a poster to inform Writing a formal letter
Writing a leaflet Writing an article Writing an informal letter



At North Liverpool Academy we have a brand new school library inclusive to all students.

There is a range of both fiction and non-fiction books, suitable for all reading abilities. You can come and read, browse or do homework in a calm, friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

You can find the library in room 1027 on the first floor at the front of the building

Library Opening Times are:-

Monday – Friday – 8am – 8.25am

Monday – Friday – break times

Monday – Friday – KS3 lunch time – Reading club

Tuesday & Thursday – 3pm – 5pm – Homework club/ Reading club

Friday 2.20pm – 3pm.

To meet Mrs Williams the school librarian and find out more information click here.

For more guidance on reading at home please take a look at these documents below. If you require any information or guidance, please contact Ms Evans as above.

Recommended Reads for Years 7 and 8

Home Learning Reading guide for parents