Hope University Visit

This week students from our Year 9 were taken to Hope University as part of our career’s programme of raising aspirations and gaining a real-life university experience. During the day students took part in a variety of activities including a tour of the campus, study skills sessions and planning their learning journey.

Students really enjoyed listening to two of the Hope ambassador’s personal, but differing journeys to attending university after secondary school. They were awed to see Hope’s massive, leafy campus and experience the learning setting of a lecture theatre.

Students also made a visit to the Students’ Union where they met with their elected officers and asked them questions. We even bumped into an ex-student whilst on our visit, Oscar, who has just started his university experience and so had lots of advise for the young students just starting on that pathway.

Student Jack commented “I wasn’t really thinking about going to university before, but now I think it is something I would definitely do.” and Esther adding “the students have gained so many interesting experiences all over the world, I would like to do the same in the future.”

Over the next few years our Year 9s will visit a number of University campuses, but it was a great first experience right here at home. Thank you to Hope University for being such wonderful hosts!