#IWILL litter pick, 2019

The #IWILL campaign is a UK-wide campaign set up in November 2013 by its coordinating charity, Step Up to Serve, which seeks to increase participation in social action by young people aged 10-20.

The goal of #IWILL is to increase the numbers of young people engaged in social action by 2020, meaning that 60% of all young people would then be regularly engaging in social action.

Our student leaders at North Liverpool Academy have been working with the LFC Foundation on #IWILL. Year 7 and 8 student leaders decided that their social action was the environment and particularly litter. Student leaders planned a litter pick on Everton Hill which was a great a success and something they wish to make a regular thing. Year 9 student leaders decided that the social action that they wished to tackle was racism.

They are planning to create a celebration of culture due to the different cultures in the school. They planned to raise awareness and celebrate the different cultures in school. This was done by filming a video which discusses the different cultures in our school. The aim is to have a day once a year which celebrates the different cultures in the school.

“We take student leadership very seriously here at North Liverpool Academy. The #IWill project is a great example our students taking both an interest in our community but also their initiative to take projects on and deliver,” says Emily Vernon, Acting Principle of North Liverpool Academy.

“Another great example of this impact is the student-led eradication of single use plastic bottles that has reduced use by over 33,000 bottles since April 2019”