Liverpool FC Project

On Tuesday 31st October Liverpool Football Club visited a group of Year 9 students at North Liverpool Academy to deliver a session to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the club.

Each school in the city were given a 5 year period to work on and draw famous pictures from this era. The students work will then be scanned in digitally and displayed at Anfield.  North Liverpool Academy was given 1983-1988 to then work with artist David Andrews to design this period of Liverpool FC’s history which will be displayed on the ground for the public to see.

Miss Kennedy “To be selected to be involved in this project is something really special. As a massive Liverpool fan getting to be a part of the celebration is amazing and I can’t wait to see what it looks like. Not many young  Reds have experienced the success that the older generation of reds have so it is a nice experience for them to look back and see just how good we were and why we brag about it to this day!!”

Michael Doran “It has been really good to get involved in this event as I am a massive Liverpool supporter”

Abbie Odger “I can’t wait to see the schools artwork on the ground”