Mock Exam Information

25th January 2018

Dear Parents,

It is always heartening when you tell us what a great difference we are making to your sons and daughters through the efforts of our skilled and committed teachers and support staff. In our recent survey, 99%-100% of parents told us their children were safe, happy, well looked after, learning well and had opportunities here that they hadn’t had in school before.

There have been so many great opportunities so far this term: 20 students have been trained as Global Social Leaders; this weekend Year 11s are at another Model United National Conference at UWC Atlantic College; the work of the Studio Digital Entrepreneurship Network is unleashing our students creative energy; and recent projects with FACT, Biennial and Sensor City have really energised our students. Our students’ art exhibition at Constellations is still open and I encourage you to visit. We are thrilled that students use these opportunities to make The Studio the vibrant and creative school it is!

We are always striving to improve the way in which students learn and the way we do things so I wanted to identify a few things we can focus on together over the next few weeks:

Technology, sleep and effective study habits
As a tech school, we want to encourage students to use mobile phones sensibly. Our termly theme, ‘What’s the best use of technology?’ encourages us to reflect on our use. Year 10s will again be invited to ‘Reconnect’ this term by voluntarily reducing their use of technology and reflecting on how that broadens their interests and experiences.

The vast majority of our students have healthy habits towards technology in school. To make sure this is consistent, from next week we will be underlining our expectation that students should not have their mobile phones out, or earphones visible, in class, unless asked by a teacher. The evidence on listening to music while studying is clear. You can read more about it here: Listening to music divides attention and we need every student to be fully focused in class so they can learn to their full potential.

At home, we know we have several students who are online too late at night and this is impairing their learning at school. Please support us with this by ensuring your child gets a minimum of 8-9 hours uninterrupted sleep per night.

Car parking
The road outside school is becoming increasingly dangerous for our students. Cars are parking illegally or waiting on the double yellow lines. Can I ask that you please drop and collect on an adjacent street to ease congestion in this area and keep our students safe?

Refreshed Studio Website
You will notice a new website design which should make it easier to keep track of important dates. There is also a lot of information in the parent’s section about how to support your child’s learning including a very useful Parental Revision Guide which will be invaluable as exams approach.

100% Attendance
I would like to reiterate how important it is to maintain full attendance each and every week. We have been running £100 prize draws for students and this has been very popular, in addition to cinema rewards for full attendance. Please ensure your child attends every day on time; it is the most important thing you can do to help them succeed.

Studio Parents Group
We have not had our usual parents group this year. If you would like the opportunity to share your views as a parent and explore some of the issues above in more depth please contact [email protected] and I will arrange a meeting at a suitable time.

Mocks and Revision for Year 11 and 13
Students should be immersed in their revision cycle. Formal mock exams will take place on the following dates. Please use this opportunity to ensure students are in a routine and focused:

Year 11: Week beginning 5th Feb and continuing 19the Feb – the week after half term.
Week beginning 5th February – English language (2x papers)
Week beginning 19th February – English literature, Maths, Science
Week beginning 05th March – non – core exams

Year 13: 19th March

Thank you for your continued support – it ensures we get the very best from our students.

Shaun McInerney,