National Careers Week

North Liverpool Academy has celebrated National Careers Week, taking part in a whole host of careers related activities. Students particularly utilised the events to help prepare for upcoming options.

Speed Networking took place with Year 8 and students interviewed a range of employees from Your Housing Trust, gaining valuable insight into a range of jobs and career routes these guests undertook to gain their current positions. All this in a rapid two minute interview!

It was a big hit with students saying “It was good because we found out what qualifications you needed for certain jobs.” (Mollie, Year 9) and “It made people more confident as we had to ask questions and some of us were nervous at the start but it got easier.” (Paris, Year 8).

Students were also given a motivational talk from Thalidomide victim Gary Skyner. Gary encouraged the students to never let anything hold them back and shared his own career pathway, achievements and battles. Karla from Year 8 commented “Gary was very inspirational and told us about how he got on with his life even though he was bullied and told he would never achieve much. His thalidomide had not stopped him from flying a plane and having a family”.

Students also watched a theatre production by 2 Engage to support the tough decisions they have to make. Planning and researching their careers means they must take ownership of their option choices and plan for their own future success and become highly employable. Students reflected “I think that the play was good because it really inspired me, I am picking my options soon and it made me see that it doesn’t matter what my friends and parents think, but what I think and what makes me happy.”

Students also took part in a practical Careers in Construction Day and completed a rotation of practical building activities with Nor-Mech Heating and Plumbing Services, Connolly’s Electricians, Penny Lane Builders, CTBI and JTL. Derya in Year 9 said “I liked it because it was a new experience and I thought the different practicals were fun.”

Mrs Nolan, head of Careers said “My objective was to give students an introduction into the rapidly changing world of work, preparing our students to be resilient, flexible employees prepared to compete for their dream jobs.”

And Mr McCarthy, Head of Technology said “Year 9 students really engaged with the tasks, in particular the practical tasks of soldering within plumbing and plastering. It was great to see students enthused about learning new skills and opening their eyes to the possibility of taking up a future career within one of the trades showcased.”