North Liverpool Academy work with BBC for ‘Moving On’ TV series

The BBC recently approached North Liverpool Academy Art Department to provide a selection of student’s art work for ‘Moving On’, a television series of contemporary dramas about characters trying to ‘move on’ with their lives.

Filming is currently taking place for an episode due to be broadcast this summer (2017).

The work is required for a story line that takes place in a school, and will include scenes in corridors and within a fictional History Department.

Over 150 individual pieces of student artwork have been selected and collected by the BBC, including photography, fine art painting, pencil and mixed media pieces.

Work selected fit two specific briefs:

1. Historical in nature: Work selected for this came from our from KS4 and KS5 groups.

Work explores themes such as war, famine, gothic architecture, Native American Indians, vintage photography, ship wreaks, WW1 and WW2 fighter planes and also includes work showcasing sepia tones or a weathered appearance.

2. Bold, expressive and colourful: Work selected for these included floral, seaside, portraiture and natural form art work from all key stages.