Planting Wildflowers 2016

On Tuesday March 15th, a group of Year 7 students from North Liverpool Academy made the short trip across the road to Everton Park to take part in a very special community project.

Together with Richard Scott, Senior Ecologist from the Landlife Trust, students planted wild flower seeds in the park for the second year on the run as part of Kew Gardens’ Grow Wild England Flagship programme. Year 7 student Aidan Corfield commented, “I saw the wild flowers in the park last summer and wondered how they got there. Now I know. I can’t wait to see them grow!”

The programme started last year with paired cities across England competing against other in a competition that was eventually won by Liverpool and Manchester.

Over the next year, the programme will expand to include a number of events and activities within the community, providing the students at North Liverpool Academy the opportunity to take part in other activities including poetry, creative writing, music and science.