Remembrance Art Installation

Students worked in collaboration with teachers at North Liverpool Academy to create this year’s Remembrance Day installation.

The theme for the installation was the ‘brave soldier’, as we remembered those who went to war, those who returned, and the families affected by conflict.

Each student received a hand-made gift tag that symbolised a military dog tag. Each tag represented the servicemen and women who answered their country’s call.

Students penned a personal response or reflection onto the tags which were to be hung above the superlambana.

The superlambana was the main feature of the installation and was painted in the style of a World War One Kings Border Soldier.

“They sacrificed everything for our freedom, the least we could do is sacrifice a few lunchtimes to create something special.” – Eleanor Rimmer.

“The students have made an outstanding contribution to Remembrance Day. I am so, so proud of their energy and commitment to the project. Thank you to everyone for contributing and making this even possible.” – Miss Donnelly.