Remembrance Day, November 2020

On the 11th November at 11am, staff and students of North Liverpool Academy  stood side by side in commemoration of our fallen soldiers. It was a poignant event which saw the school at a complete stand still with not a pin drop to be heard. The respect shown by staff and students was outstanding as we all watched on live and virtually from the classrooms, with Miss Wheeler playing ‘Abide with Me’ on her flute. This was then followed by Mr Cross, who brought our special guests, the army, and our Year 7, to attention to observe the ‘Last Post’, also leading our annual two minutes silence.

Year 7 Students

“This was really nice to be a part of, and to hear the school as big as this in total silence was very eerie”.

“It was great to have the army at the school for this event to show as a school how much we appreciate them and their hard work”.

Dave Cross

“As always, our students were excellent ambassadors for showing the ultimate respect for our annual remembrance service”.