Sixth Form art students attend UCLAN’s Final Degree Show

Sixth Form art students were invited to attend UCLAN, to view their annual Final Degree Show.

This year was extra special because included among the exhibiting graduates was former NLA student, photographer Adam Pickford.

Adam met us in the morning, and introduced his class mate Naomi Graham. The duo offered a personalised tour of the university campus, and the exhibition spaces which included Foundation, Architecture, Design, Fine Art, Fashion, Media, Textiles, and Photography as part of the 2017 Lancashire Arts Festival.

There was something of interest for everyone in the Textiles and Applied Art exhibition space.

Sketchbooks were eagerly embraced, and our mobile cameras were readily at hand to capture inspiration for our own work.

“The most interesting thing for me was seeing all the varied starting points and themes. I also enjoyed seeing how each student displayed their work and the impact this had on the audience. My phone is almost out of memory from all the photos I have taken”, – Nicola Jones.

The Fashion exhibition was another hit with the entire group.

“Inspiration is everywhere, but especially today. I looked for inspiration in the colour palettes used or the patterns, and then sketched these details from direct observation into my sketchbook so I can refer to later in class”. Shannon Neary.

The Fine Art exhibition space provided traditional art, alongside some more controversial pieces.

There was lots of curiosity, hands on engagement and passionate discussion over much of the work on exhibit.

Adam and Naiomi were helpful and honest in answering all our questions about student life, and its expectations. During our tour of the campus we also got to see the facilities, equipment and  benefits of studying at UCLAN.

This included the digital editing suits and also a rare glimpse of their traditional dark room for photographic processing.

Alongside three studio spaces on offer – the larger of the three provided a perfect backdrop for a group photoshoot.

For many of us, this was our first time visiting Preston, however we gained a greater sense of the area and its history in the independent art exhibition on Preston city centre. This explored the changing face of modern Preston, and showcased rare watercolours of streets and cityscapes long since gone, alongside artefacts spanning back centuries.

Our busy and cultural day ended with a visit to Preston indoor market, where the Photography exhibition, “Ascent” was on display.

We instantly recognised some of the pieces on display, as both Adam and Naomi’s work were selected to advertise the exhibition across the campus and Preston.

“I feel so inspired. I found today informative and fun. I didn’t want it to end. We are still buzzing and talking about it even after two and a half hour delay in traffic”. Elisabeth Roberts.