Sixth Form Student Speech

Last week one of our Year 12 Students, Michael, spoke at the Schools, Students and Teachers Network Conference in Manchester.The blurb he was given from SSAT was:

“In times of rapid change of the sort it’s hard to steer a confident path for your school and your learners.Do you focus on the here-and-now – to ensure that you score against the latest performance measures? Or is there a bigger strategy that’s all about giving your learners the best change in life?

The answer, of course, is that there’s no either/or. A truly outstanding school needs leaders and teachers who are pragmatic and visionary, short term and long term, focuses on accountability but fundamentally student-led too – and excited by the new freedoms in curriculum design, management and teaching and learning afforded by the education reforms.

SSAT’s membership and professional development programmes help you achieve this balance. They offer practical, schools-led advice for succeeding at Ofsted, and raising attainment levels, but they also have the classic SSAT ‘ extra ingredients’: long-term vision, a pioneering commitment to student leadership, insights into the latest research and innovative practice and, above all, the challenge that comes from collaborating with other school and teachers.”

Michael particularly focussed on the future of education. It was met with resounding applause and we are so proud of the effort and confidence with which Michael met the task.