Sixth Form Students Interview Disney Animator

Sixth Form students had an exciting and unique opportunity to interview a leading contemporary animator who has worked for Warner Brothers and Disney Animation studios.

Felipe Cerdan has worked on animations that the students have grown up watching as children such as, “Planes 2 and 3”, “The Iron Giant”, “Princess and the Frog” and “Winnie the Pooh”. He is also an established graphic designer and talks about his need to continually reinvent himself, and the inner resilience needed when working “in the business”, and pitching to all major Hollywood studios.

Year 12 and 13 students collaborated together to pose the questions they most desired to know. Questions included pathways through education, recommended reading materials and tips for building an industry-standard portfolio.

“We worked collaboratively as a class to make this happen, which helped overcome first introductions. I didn’t have time for any nervous thoughts about joining a new school for Sixth Form as we were all collectively focused on how exciting this opportunity was.  This experience has confirmed my decision that North Liverpool Academy is the right destination for me to be continuing my Sixth Form Art study”. Kaitlyn, Year 12.

Due to the time difference between Liverpool and LA, interviews were conducted through a series of Skype calls.

Felipe has continued his support to our students throughout their study, giving feedback on student’s work and providing drawing tutorials.

“Artist and Animator Felipe Cerdan, has been incredibly generous with his time and expertise. This transatlantic collaboration has helped promote discussion about careers within the creative industries and has made the subject of art more relevant to our 21st century learners. Felipe has an invested deep interest in further nurturing the creative interests of the 6th form art students and has extended his offer of support and guidance to all.” – Miss Donnelly