Sky Sports Visit The Academy

Boxer, Courtney Fry, visited North Liverpool Academy today.

Courtney is a Sky Sports Athlete Mentor, whilst also a professional boxer that has won gold at the Commonwealth Games.

A group of 9 boys and 11 girls from year 7 worked with him in a classroom educational based session during the morning focusing on the six keys to success:

  1. Mental toughness
  2. Hunger to achieve
  3. People skills
  4. Sports and life knowledge
  5. Breaking barriers
  6. Planning for success

During the afternoon session the students put into action what they had learnt about that six keys to success with a boxing taster/masterclass from the champion Courtney Fry…

“I can’t wait to use what I have learnt about the six keys to success in my life” – Liam

“I have learnt to never give up and how to become mentally stronger” – Ben

“I am so happy that Courtney came in to vist, he has made my day!” – Sharelle

“His career has taken him everywhere in the world, that has inspired me to travel the world!” – Chloe

The students will participate in the project during their PE lessons with Mr Delahunty and Courtney Will revisit the school in a couple of week to see how they have progressed! It is such a great exciting time for these students as they will be providing the school with a blog of their progress they will be making.