The Studio on BBC Radio 4

The Studio were recently invited to participate in a BBC Radio 4 broadcast to demonstrate our use of contemporary learning software ‘Zondle’. Dr Paul Howard-Jones, University of Bristol reader in Neuroscience and Education discussed on the show how the desire to win and take chances when using the software could lead to better learning.

Mr Kerr, learning coach at The Studio, showed the BBC how The Studio utilises Zondle during his lessons in Business and Entrepreneurial Studies. Zondle allows teachers to set up quizzes relevant to their topic areas, encouraging students to then answer the questions. The interesting part is that pupils are given the option to gamble on their answer for the chance to win a bigger amount of ‘zollars’.

Mr Kerr then allows students to exchange their ‘zollars’ for rewards, such as an extra five minutes added to their lunch break.

During interviews our students explained that they enjoy using Zondle more than traditional tests because of its heightened excitement factor.

The Studio were very pleased to welcome BBC Radio 4 into the school to record this show, which you can listen to below.