Wheelie Good Fun

North Liverpool Academy’s first ever extreme sports club drew to a close in December with a trip to Rampworx, Aintree. The final session offered North Liverpool Academy’s skater boys and girls the opportunity to try their skills on the dozens of ramps on offer at the facility, with all students holding their nerve and taking the plunge on some of the sites highest and steepest ramps. The trip was funded by Wheel’s Extreme – a local community ran charity that aims to inspire students through the use of extreme sports. The club allowed students to develop their leadership skills alongside trying 4 new sports over 7 weeks: scooter, skateboarding, bmx-biking and inline skating.

Here’s what our resident blogger Aaron had to say:

“Going to Rampoworx was an amazing experience. There were multiple ramps that were huge and steep. I was quite unfortunate because I toppled over 9 times. Yes, 9 times! There was a colossal ramp which a member of staff even went down. It was a majestic sight. He did two 360 degree turns and landed face first in the foam pit!”

Ethan added:

“On Wednesday we went to a place called Rampworx in Aintree. It is really good – you can ride scooters and bikes up and down but I mainly used a scooter on the little ramps. The best part of it was the foam pit. I kept getting stuck but there was one crazy moment where a pro scooter person done a flip into it over Mr Metcalf’s head – it was amazing! That was an eye opener. Thanks Mr Metcalf.”

Mr Metcalf reflected on the trip:

“On behalf of our students can I thank Jenna and Neil at Wheel’s Extreme for giving our students such a wonderful opportunity to take part in new sports that they have never tried before.”