NLA Duke of Edinburgh Award (D of E)

The Duke of Edinburgh award is currently offered to three year groups at NLA – year 9 students can complete the Bronze Award whilst year 10 and year 12 students complete the Silver Award.


Year 9 students need to take part in a physical activity, a skill activity and volunteering for the Bronze Award. Our students are completing a range of different activities, but as an example:

  • Physical – PE enrichment, football, boxing, basketball, swimming, gym, running, circuit training
  • Skill – all students are following the leadership programme throughout the year where they will gain a level 1 award in sports leadership. This is also their evidence for D of E skill.
  • Volunteering – most students will start volunteering after Christmas and will be conducting voluntary activities within the local community.

The expedition takes place in July and participants will take part in a two-day, one-night practice expedition followed by the same again for the qualifying expedition.


Year 10 and year 12 students will follow the same process as the bronze, but with increased timescales.

  • Students volunteer for 12 months
  • Students develop the skill section for six months
  • The physical element runs for three months.

The silver expedition takes place over three days and two nights, comprising of both a practice expedition and the qualifying expedition.