Our Houses

At NLA, our students are sorted into one of our five different houses when they start with us in year 7.

Many of our students refer to their houses as a type of school family, and each year the five different houses take part in a series of competitive challenges, in order to gain rewards, as a team.

La Plante House

Mr Welch

Mr Welch is the Senior Leadership Leader of La Plante House.

In La Plante  we pride ourselves at giving all pupils the space and support to grow in all areas of school life.

From increasing independence to academic progress the La Plante team will always ensure our pupils have everything they need throughout their school careers to achieve more than they ever dreamed possible and grow into valuable citizens in an international community.

With pride we grow

Redmond House

Mr McGhee

Mr McGhee is the Senior Leadership Leader of Redmond House.

“Be who you dare to be” is the house motto and the Redmond team encourages students to step outside their personal comfort zone and fulfil their dreams.

Mr McGhee believes that in Redmond house, everyone is equal and everyone supports each other. “Every time you’re out and about and you see someone do something nice for someone, be that person that people look up to and aspire to be. Do the one thing that others struggle to do. Be the best version of yourself”

Be who you dare to be

McGough House

Miss Kennedy

Miss Kennedy is the Senior Leadership leader of McGough House.

In McGough we aim to provide an atmosphere in which all students are confident that they are safe, valued and respected.

Miss Kennedy says, “I feel as Head of McGough House we have created an inclusive and supportive family of students who feel confident and safe to aspire to become the very best version of themselves to allow them to be successful and happy in the next step of their journey.”

This environment will support students to achieve their true academic potential and reach their goals.

One of the reasons McGough House is so successful is because they work together to achieve and succeed.

Together we will achieve and succeed

Russell House

Mrs Darlington

Mrs Darlington is the Senior Leadership leader of Russell House.

Russell House believes there are three keys to success:

  1. Hard work – always try your best.
  2. Honesty – truth is vital in any relationship.
  3. Respect – treat people they way you would want people to treat you.

The house motto for Russell is ‘find your way to fly’ with the Russell staff team playing a crucial role in guiding all students in Russell house to success.

Find your way to fly

Patten House

Mr Robinson

Mr Robinson is the Senior Leadership Leader of Patten House.

The Patten motto is “Patten for success” and the Patten staff team hope that by working together they can ensure all students believe, achieve and succeed!

Patten is a House where everyone succeeds together, where one person’s strength is used to support others to grow. Patten House wins with modesty and loses with grace; learning from each experience to grow stronger together.

Patten for success