Our Houses

At NLA, our students are sorted into one of our five different houses when they start with us in year 7.

Many of our students refer to their houses as a type of school family, and each year the five different houses take part in a series of competitive challenges, in order to gain rewards, as a team.

La Plante house manager

Ms Barker

Miss Barker joined North Liverpool Academy in 2010 and has been House Manager for La Plante since it was introduced as the 5th house in 2012.

The house motto from the start has been ‘With pride we grow’ something meaningful for the house and each and every La Plante student.

As La Plante house manager, Miss Barker aims to create a supportive, encouraging and enriching house. One where students, and their families, feel a part of something special and are able and encouraged to reach their potential.

La Plante is a very inclusive house and we always look forward to welcoming new members to the La Plante team.

With pride we grow

Miss Mutch has been a member of staff at NLA for ten years, she started here as a teaching assistant and had no intention of staying long term.

After a short time, she realised she couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.

The students at NLA captured her heart and she endeavours to support them through their school years.

She believes that we should treat others with kindness and respect.

Miss Mutch is the house manager for Redmond House, the house motto is “Be who you dare to be” She encourages students to step outside their personal comfort zone and fulfil their dreams.

Be who you dare to be

Redmond house manager

Miss Mutch

Mc Gough house manager

Miss Robinson

Miss Robinson is excited to welcome all of the newest members of the McGough House family.

Miss Robinson supports all of the students in the transition to NLA.  The McGough House is renowned for looking after each other.  One of the reasons McGough House is so successful is because they work together to achieve and succeed.

Welcome to the next exciting chapter in your educational journey! Together we will achieve and succeed.

Together we will achieve and succeed

Mr Tomlinson has been a member of staff at North Liverpool Academy for the past four years. He believes there are three keys to success:

1. Hard work – always try your best.
2. Honesty – truth is vital in any relationship.
3. Respect – treat people they way you would want people to treat you.

Mr Tomlinson is the house manager for Russell, the pride of North Liverpool Academy.

The house motto for Russell is ‘find your way to fly’ with Mr Tomlinson playing a crucial role in guiding all students in Russell house to success.

He is looking forward to the new year 7 Russell students starting at North Liverpool Academy in September 2019, and his message is ‘let’s enjoy and achieve on this journey together!’

Find your way to fly

Russell house manager

Mr Tomlinson

Patten house manager

Miss Meighen

Miss Meighen has been a part of North Liverpool Academy for six years and has been a house manager for the duration of this time.

Her time at NLA has taught her that every single one of our students are special and unique in their own way, Patten House students in particular.

As Patten house manager, Miss Meighen looks forward to meeting the new Year 7 students and is eager to encourage and support them in being the best version of themselves.

The Patten motto is “Patten for success” and Miss Meighen hopes that by working together we can ensure that all students believe, achieve and succeed!

Patten for success