Values and Ethos

A place for everyone to enjoy and achieve.

North Liverpool Academy students are resourceful. They leave us knowing who they are, their place in the world and how to lead a happy and successful life. They challenge themselves and are not hindered by circumstances because they have the skills to shape their own future and the self-awareness to make the most of it. They feel connected to themselves, those close to them and their local and global communities and this enables them to make skillful decision and responsible choices. They aim high, achieve at all levels and are able to respond effectively to a changing world. They are supported by adults who share and are able to model this philosophy of learning and who are highly skilled in engaging students in the learning experiences they need to transform their life chances.

This learning vision is supported by:

A curriculum that scaffolds the students’ learning journey by offering enjoyment, achievement, experience and rigour that widen future choices. It is culturally and academically rich, exposing them to new people, ideas and situations that challenge them to experience the unfamiliar and draw connections between themselves and their world. It is personalised, enabling students to build on new and emerging strengths, talents and aptitudes. It guides them on the journey from dependent to independent learners.

A personal development programme that helps them connect with themselves and other and develop confidence that extends to unfamiliar situations. Through the i-Lead Programme they experience new things that enable them to challenge and refine their sense of who they are and expand their horizon of opportunity. Through the Academy Gems, students learn self-awareness, how to relate others and how to study in order to achieve, engage and respond critically and creatively with the world around them. Through graduation, students identify their own learning journey and value the application of effort and determination to realise goals.

Leadership that infuses the NLA vision through the Academy Gems to enable each of us: students, teachers and support staff to make the most of what we have and bring out the best in others. We are determined to improve the life chances and opportunities for our community. We are restless in our shared drive to make every day better than the last.