Five students received an offer from Cambridge University.

Oxbridge Programme

North Liverpool Academy is dedicated to unlocking every student’s potential, offering comprehensive support to ensure you achieve your academic goals. As part of our Sixth Form Honours programme, we partner with Aspire Liverpool to provide a rich array of opportunities and experiences that help raise our students’ aspirations. All of our Honour students are assigned an academic mentor and tutor to ensure that they are prepared for the Oxbridge application process.

Admission Tests

We assist in your preparation for university admission tests, offering weekly sessions that include University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT), PAT (Physics Aptitude Test), MAT (Maths Admissions Test), TUMA (Test of Mathematics for University Admission). We also work with our external partners to provide support for other admission tests.

Interview Training

We assist in enhancing your confidence and critical thinking skills to improve your performance during interviews.

University Decisions

We provide visits to Oxbridge universities to assist you in planning your university application strategy.

Personal Statement

We aid in crafting your personal statement, guiding you on structure and essential content to ensure your first impression is a positive one.


We collaborate closely with each student, customising the process to meet individual needs.