Primary Partnerships

Here at North Liverpool Academy, we all recognise that moving from primary to secondary school is a huge step and can be incredibly daunting for both pupils and their families. Naturally, we are keen to support all of our prospective students in preparing for life beyond primary and as part of this process, we believe it is incredibly important to work closely with our partner primary schools.  Not only can we get to know our new students before they arrive at our doors, but we can also work with their Year 6 teachers in order to plan ahead and build on the good work that has been achieved throughout Key Stage 1 and 2.

We actively encourage pupils and their families to and ‘come and have a look’ and over the years we have organised various activities and events that have been designed to give a taste of what life at North Liverpool Academy is all about.  Numerous workshops, competitions, holiday clubs and sporting events have been hugely popular and they continue to grow in popularity.  Such activities naturally  allow students to experience what life is like in  secondary and take some of the fear out of ‘going to big school’!

In particular, we are hugely grateful for the help of our primary schools and their support in allowing us to work with so many of our young people across the city. Take a look below at some of the exciting things we have got up to this year alone:

Year 5 Students from The Beacon enjoy a Macbeth Workshop

On Monday 30th of January and Monday 6th February, 16 of our incredibly talented year 10 students helped lead two Macbeth workshops with 39 year 5 students from The Beacon Primary School.

The students had planned and prepared the sessions, based on their knowledge of Shakepeare’s play. All of the students contributed, and the result was two fantastically planned, collaborative lessons. Each of the students were paired up with a group of year 5 students and acted as their leader for the session.

All the children thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and it was a pleasure to see such great enthusiasm and interest about the bard and his play!

Jonathan Meres Visit

BEST-SELLING author, Jonathan Meres, visited North Liverpool Academy last week.

Meres, who has won a string of awards for ‘The World of Norm’ books, met with over 200 Year 5 pupils from our primary partners to talk about a variety of characters – including, Norm, a 12 year-old boy trying to cope with family, friends and life at school.

We welcomed students from Four Oaks, The Beacon, Whitefield, Anfield, Kirkdale St Lawrence and Pinehurst into the Academy. The visit is part of North Liverpool Academy’s ambition to encourage an ongoing love of reading amongst young people in Liverpool.

All visiting pupils were presented with a book from The World of Norm series. Students studied with our Year 7 and 8 students to raise aspiration and achievement in literacy.

“It was really funny listening to what Jonathan had to say. The different voices he used were very funny – especially the BFG. I liked listening to the jokes and hearing a chapter from the story.”

Students from all primary schools had a brilliant day. Jonathan highlighted the importance of reading to all our guests through a very inspiring and innovative workshop!

Four Oaks and Pinehurst Join Us for a Music Session

23 Year 3 students from Four Oaks Primary School and 28 Year 4 students from Pinehurst Primary School joined us at North Liverpool Academy for a Music workshop.

The workshop, ran by North Liverpool Academy Sixth Form students, gave primary students the opportunity to work with a number unique musical instruments, as well as tested their vocal skills.

Sixth Form student, Anthony Baker, delivered a brilliant African drumming session to a group of primary students. Whilst Tiffany Riddell and Ellie Davies introduced primary students to an exciting singing project.

Four Oaks Year 6 Visit – Creative Writing

Year 6 students from Four Oaks Primary School joined us at the Academy for a Creative Writing workshop. Primary students worked with some of our Year 10 students on creating a persuasive letter on the topic of homelessness in Liverpool.

The two groups of students bonded well and produced some amazing work!

“I cannot tell you how excited the children were when they returned. They had many stories to tell us about ‘friends’ they had met and they really looked up to the Year 10’s as a role model; this was evident in the many comments and stories they were telling us all day long.”

Whitefield Primary School Year 5 Visit – Science Session

Class 5W from Whitefield Primary School joined us at the Academy for a Science workshop.

We began the workshop by introducing visiting students to the apparatus and equipment we have in our labs.

Students learned how to setup and switch on a Bunsen burner, as well as discovering the difference between a roaring and safe flame.

Once all apparatus was setup, students began working on their own experiment – “We used this equipment to help us to seperate salt from rock-salt. We added water to rock-salt and filtered it with filter paper (using a funnel and a conical flask). We heated the water up until it evaporated (using the Bunsen burner). Eventually we were left with just salt!”

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