Sixth Form Team

Mr Crabtree, Head of NLA 6th Form

Assistant Principal North Liverpool Academy

Mr Crabtree is a 6th Form specialist, leading NLA 6th Form to ensure every student fulfils their potential inside the classroom and beyond through high quality teaching and diverse opportunities to gain experience with universities and professionals. Mr Crabtree is based in the 6th Form, giving all 6th Form students access to advice and feedback, helping to continually improve the NLA 6th Form experience for every student.


Mr Johnston,  Assistant head of Sixth Form

Mr Johnston’s role is to support students on a daily basis – he provides the liaison between parents, teachers and staff, keeping an eye on progress and attendance. He also keeps track of all of our Sixth Form applications for university, apprenticeships and jobs, giving you as much information as possible for your career guidance.


Matthew Branch, UCAS Coordinator and Sixth Form Mentor

You’ll find Mr Branch in the 6th Form Learning Resource Centre… He’s responsible for your day-to-day pastoral support and leads our career support programme. Mr Branch is available throughout the day to advise on your plans for progression beyond 6th Form and is our qualified expert in successfully guiding students through the online process of university application.

He’s likely to be the first staff member that you see each morning, and the person to talk to if you have any questions or problems. Mr Branch meets all Year 11 applicants before they join our Sixth Form to help advise and reassure them as they make the transition to 6th Form; he’ll always be on hand to support you in your study and share ideas throughout your two year with us.