Sixth Form Uniform


All students attending the North Liverpool Academy are expected to wear uniform. Whilst fully appreciating the initial cost of a uniform, we feel that it solves several problems; it provides a smart outfit for five days of the week and helps to ensure that no child need look richer or poorer or different. The North Liverpool Academy is a non-religious organisation and welcomes students from any background. Because of this we require that all students follow the strict dress code.

We expect parents to support us in the detail as well as the principle of the North Liverpool Academy uniform.
Do not buy anything that is not on the list or specified. We cannot write a list of exclusions. Only what is written here is permitted.
Sixth Form
Smart business wear that would be acceptable within a working environment.

Girls Boys
Permitted  Not Permitted Permitted Not Permitted
·      Blouse / Shirt / formal tops with appropriate coverage
·      Skirts / Dresses / Pinafores – knee length
·      Smart Trousers
·      Business Jacket (optional)
·      Workwear Tights
·      Smart flat shoes


·      Tight fitted clothes
·      Strappy tops, low cut necklines or     t-shirts
·      Skirts / Dresses above the knee
·      Skinny fit trousers / Leggings / Jeans
·      High heels, trainers or casual shoes


·      Shirt and Tie with top button done     up and tucked in
·      Smart Trousers
·      Smart Jumper
·      Business Jacket (optional)
·      Smart shoes.
·         Shirts to be hanging out over trousers or top button undone
·         Jeans
·         Hoodies or tracksuit jackets
·         Trainers or casual shoes

Students who study Performing Arts or Sports are allowed to wear their school approved tracksuits for lessons only. No designer, trademarked or unauthorised school kit is to be worn around the North Liverpool Academy. If, for any reason, school kit is unavailable, smart business wear is to be worn.

Sixth Form students are not permitted to wear outdoor jackets, coats or hoodies in school.

Sixth Form students are allowed to wear studs for school, providing they are small and discreet. Big or hooped earrings are not permitted. No piercing of any other kind is allowed – If a student has a facial piercing, it must be removed while they are in school. No clear piercings are allowed in its place and it is not acceptable to cover piercings with plasters.

Hair must be styled appropriately and be suitable for the world of work. If hair is dyed, the colour must be a natural shade, no bright or unnatural colours are permitted.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Review

The Governing Body will review this policy at least every two years and assess its implementation and effectiveness.  The policy will be promoted and implemented throughout the North Liverpool Academy.