Principal's Blog



In the morning I will get myself ready, have some breakfast and then go to school. I am driven to school and then I go and find my school friends in the refectory. The school bell goes off at 8:30am, it is usually a pop song that is chosen by the form with the best attendance. All the children then make their way to their form room. We learn about different things in form time such as looking after your money, important news is read out or sometimes we have a whole Year 7 assembly.

We get one break time after first lesson when I can go out and play football if it isn’t raining. We then have two more lessons before dinner. We get 35 minutes to have some food and then we can go out into the yard and talk with friends or play more football or basketball as there are pitches for us to play on.

I was a little worried before I started at the North Liverpool Academy as I didn’t know many people and not many children came from my school, but I quickly made new friends and have enjoyed my first year at North Liverpool Academy.