We require all students at North Liverpool Academy to wear the correct school uniform. Because we are a non-religious organisation, and we welcome students from all backgrounds, it’s important that all our students follow our strict dress code, as detailed below:

Our Uniform

Compulsory School Uniform List

  • Blazer – Grey (with school badge)
  • White shirt or blouse (long or short sleeved)
  • Skirt – Black (with 2 pleates in front and back) or trousers – Black
  • Shoes – Black
  • Socks – Black
  • Tie* – Colour dependent on which house pupil is allocated to:

Redmond – Red

McGough – Blue

Patten – Silver

Russell – Purple

La Plante – Green

*Ties can be purchased from school at a cost of £4.00

Optional School Uniform List

  • V Neck Pullover – Grey (with yellow stripe)
  • School Coat – Black (fleece lined and waterproof outer)
  • School Bag** – Black (with school badge)
  • Tracksuit Bottoms (for P.E only) – Black
  • Optional for PE and Performing Arts (only) –  NLA Black Hoodie (with school badge)​

** All new pupils will receive their first school bag for FREE, replacement bags cost £5.00

Uniform Rules

  • Blazer – Must be worn at all times (permission may be sought to remove during lessons)
  • Shirt/Blouse – Top button must be done up
  • Tie – 5 stripes should be visible
  • Non-School Bags – Dark colours without large logos
  • Jewellery – Not allowed (wrist watch and medical bracelets only)
  • Make up – Not allowed (including false nails or varnish)
  • PE Kit – Must be brought and worn even if pupil has a legitimate reason to not take part
  • Coats – Must not be worn inside school building






  • Polo T-shirt – Black (school badge is optional)
  • Shorts – Black
  • Football Socks – Black (with 2 yellow stripes)


Uniform can be purchased at our approved stockists below:

Lisa’s School Wear Specialists
72 Priory Road
L4 2RZ
0151 264 0700

Laser School Wear
92-100 London Road
L3 5NL
0151 709 0701

We encourage all pupils to have all uniform items clearly labelled with their name.