We require all students at North Liverpool Academy to wear the correct school uniform. Because we are a non-religious organisation, and we welcome students from all backgrounds, it’s important that all our students follow our strict dress code, as detailed below:

Our Uniform

  • Blazer – grey, badged
  • Pullover – grey with gold rim (optional)
  • School skirt – black with four pleats (two on the front, two on the back)
  • School trousers – black
  • School shirt – white, long or short sleeved
  • School coat – black with a waterproof outer and a fleece lining
  • Shoes – black smart shoes, strictly no trainers
  • Socks – black
  • Tie – NLA tie colours correspond to the student’s house; La Plante – green, McGough – blue, Redmond – red, Russell – purple, and Patten – silver.
  • Bag – new students will receive their first school bag for free, replacements are charged at £2


  • Black polo top
  • Black shorts
  • Black football socks
  • Black tracksuit bottoms are also optional
  • Black hooded top is required for sports studies, and can be purchased from the school, only
  • All NLA uniform can be purchased from Lisa’s School Wear Specialist, 72 Priory Road, Liverpool, L4 2RZ


  • Extreme, inappropriate hairstyles, including shaved hair or bright, non-natural hair colours are not acceptable at NLA.
  • Students with inappropriate hair will be excluded from school until it is remedied. If you are in doubt about the appropriateness of your hairstyle, please discuss it with your head of year, first.


  • No jewellery, other than a wristwatch, can be worn in NLA. This incudes earrings and studs; it is not acceptable to cover earrings with plasters. Piercings of any other kind will not be allowed.


  • Makeup is not to be worn at NLA.