What We Do

At North Liverpool Academy, we provide a broad curriculum which works in tandem with our core values of experience, inspire, aspire and community. We prepare our students for life in an increasingly complex and ever-changing society and equip them with the skills to thrive in the future world of work. 

Alongside our curriculum we offer learning pathways at KS4 with specialisms in Science, Maths, Further Maths, Technology, Business, and Sport; as well as enrichment activities and vocational qualifications which allow our students to pick up new skills to complement their core curriculum subjects. 


North Liverpool Academy provides students with a curriculum and experience designed to raise aspirations and achieve excellence. Our core curriculum of GCSEs and A levels is underpinned by our values and bolstered with a range of enrichment opportunities and vocational qualifications.


Our curriculum is broad, balanced and cohesive. We have personalised learning pathways that will empower and prepare our students for life in the modern world and the future world of work.  Underpinned by our four core values – inspire, experience, community and aspire.


Are you joining us in September?

New students at NLA are invited along to join in a number of taster sessions, so that – by the time you join us at the start of the new academic year – the Academy should feel very familiar. 


Our KS4 curriculum runs across two academic years and includes a range of pathways that our students can take to prepare them for higher education, and the future world of work. Students can select certain subjects to best support their learning.

Revision / Home Learning

Being able to manage your own workload and independent study effectively during a busy exam period gives you that extra edge during your time at NLA. These organisational attributes are desired by many universities and employers, too.  At NLA we provide a range of resources and study tools to support you on your revision journey through your school years.

D of E

The Duke of Edinburgh award is currently offered to two year groups at NLA – year 9 students can complete the Bronze Award whilst year 12 students complete the Silver Award.  Year 9 students need to take part in a physical activity, a skill activity and volunteering for the Bronze Award.

Learning Support

In addition to your chosen subjects, all students here at NLA undertake a seven-week study programme called Free Plus. Free Plus will help you make the transition to studying at A level and to help your independent development of skills and research.   Free Plus is designed to work in tandem with your other subjects during the academic year