Year 10 Build my Future

The 19th and 20th of February saw the launch of Year 10 Build My Future – a two day in-house event involving over 200 Northern Schools Trust students, joining forces for an action packed programme encompassing the theme of Health Innovation.

Over the course of the two days, year 10 pupils were given the opportunity to learn how to create, research, develop and deliver their very own concepts during group sessions and master classes completely unique to the Life Sciences UTC & The Studio.

Working in teams, participants were tasked with devising a concept for a new life-enhancing technology for people aged over 65 or for those working with people aged over 65.

Day one was all about researching existing technologies, and after a series of fascinating master classes from the likes of Innovation Agency, Liverpool CCG and Sensor City,
students were given insight into the healthcare landscape and how a significant technology shift is happening in healthcare today.
Feeling inspired, informed and motivated to create a solution, they set off to brainstorm and select an idea. The afternoon was all around concept testing and featured bonus prize draws for Life Sciences UTC students who particularly impressed staff in line with ASPIRE targets, and Studio students who likewise impressed staff in line with The Studio’s Learning Principles.

As day two kicked off, students heard from Professor David Hornby of Sheffield University about the scientific method of communicating your ideas. “Persuasion is key!” he commented.

Students proceeded to work in their small teams to produce a poster which demonstrated their concepts. Some incredible ideas emerged from the event, from wearable tech to digital personal assistant devices and a myriad of personalised bots and apps!

The afternoon was abuzz as they got to grips with finalising their concepts and practising their presentation skills.


Shortlisters were then selected to present their pitch in front of an industry panel comprising of Paul Clitheroe from Liverpool CCG, Eve Money from Sensor City
and the Principals of the Life Sciences UTC and The Studio.

All 200 students plus staff headed to the sports hall for a concluding assembly where the winning team were announced and awarded their prizes. Congratulations to the winning group – a mix of 4 students (from Studio and Life Sciences UTC) for their “Forget Me Not” project – a specifically and thoughtfully designed app created to aide sufferers of dementia.

Massive well done to year 10 students for all the hard work and innovative input during their collaborative projects creating life enhancing technology for the community.

Staff organisers commented “We couldn’t be prouder of our winning group and everyone involved!”
Both Principals commented: “Build My Future works to empower young people to take ownership of their ideas and their potential, providing them with the confidence and know-how to peruse their chosen career path. Year 10 have really shown their true colours with this project and have helped to highlight that collaboration is key – whether that be from a school perspective, a health innovation perspective, or otherwise!”